CIMA: Overview

The CIMA Professional Qualification is recognised worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualification for a career in business.      By studying with CIMA you will be joining a global organisation powered by two of the world’s leading accounting bodies (AICPA – the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CIMA). 

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On completion of the CIMA Professional Qualification, you will be awarded the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation, recognising your value and showcasing your professionalism, business and leadership skills, ethics and commitment.

Starting CIMA
  1. Identify your entry route and register with CIMA.
  2. Apply for exemptions if required.
  3. Choose your study method.
  4. Schedule your first exam.

Strategic level. This is the third level of the Professional Qualification and consists of three computer based Objective Tests and one Case Study exam. The Strategic level concentrates on making strategic decisions and providing the context for which those decisions will be implemented. Its focus is the long-term.

  • On average, CIMA members in India are earning over Rs. 30 lakhs per annum, while students on average earn Rs. 10.9 lakhs per year. The 2013 survey figures for average total pay package for students represent an 8.8% increase compared with last year.

CIMA: Course Syllabus

Fundamentals of Business Economics

  • Macroeconomic and Institutional Context of Business
  • Microeconomic and Organizational Context of Business
  • Informational Context of Business
  • Financial Context of Business

Fundamentals of Management Accounting

  • The Context Of Management Accounting
  • Costing
  • Planning and Control
  • Decision Making

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

  • Accounting Principles, Concepts and Regulations
  • Recording Accounting Transactions
  • Preparation of Accounts for Single Entities
  • Analysis of Financial Statements

Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law

  • Business Ethics and Ethical Conflict
  • Corporate Governance, Controls and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • General Principles of the Legal System, Contract and Employment Law
  • Company Administration

Our Students Reviews

I have joined this course to have a deep knowledge in accounting domain, and I am getting my knowledge enhanced here. It has been a good experienced till now.


This course will be giving me all the required knowledge in accounts domain and will be helping me to make my career in the accounting profile.


This course will be providing me good knowledge about the accounting concepts. Also it will be giving be exposure to the practical as well as theoretical aspect of accounting as a whole.